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The “T” Word Is The New “N” Word.

I hate to sound negative all the time, but don’t look at me as a “debbie-downer.” Look at me as just being honest. Last weekend at Cornell University, white guys were throwing bottles at black people while also hurling racial slurs. That’s not the surprising part. What is surprising, is that the black people were referred to as “Trayvon.” The Cornell Daily Sun wrote:

Beverly Fonkwo ’14 said she was walking home with a friend when, unprovoked, the group on the fraternity roof began throwing objects that landed near a group walking behind them.When the people walking behind Fonkwo asked them to stop, the people on top of the fraternity continued to throw objects — including a Jack Daniels that landed near the group behind and an unopened beer can that landed near Fonkwo and her friend — she said. When they asked them to stop again, the group responded, “‘Come up here, Trayvon,’ and started making all these other racial comments,” Fonkwo said.

Now what am I supposed to do ? Move on with my life and not think about this ? This is real ! This could have easily been me walking by a frat house. I would have flipped if they called me “Trayvon.” That is so disrespectful and morally incorrect. Calling me Trayvon is worse than calling me the N word. When you call somebody Trayvon, you’re calling them dead for being black. That’s the way I see it because that’s exactly what it is.

I’m going to graduate college this week. Trayvon will never even graduate high school.


People die everyday. Why do I care so much about this kid dying ? Look at his face. Look at his smile. Look at why and how we died. He was shot and KILLED for no reason. He could still be alive. It hurts my heart. I care because “I” could EASILY be Trayvon. Thanks to racist students at Cornell University, the N word is now the T word. I am Trayvon.


This guy:

is hanging out/hiding with the $200,000 he made on his pity website. He pleaded not guilty. We’ll see what happens. Whether the court finds him guilty or not, he is. He killed Trayvon. He already said he did. We know he did. There is no self-defense. Just murder.


Zimmerman released from jail. Pleads not guilty.

Our justice system isn’t exactly systematic. Is there a method to the madness ? Or is madness the method ? Whenever I think of our justice system failing, I think of Rodney King.  I wish I was around for the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I was 3 years old living in Boston at the time. Trayvon’s case is much worse than Rodney’s because quite frankly, Rodney is still alive and well. Besides the death factor, Rodney King was lucky to have his attack caught on tape. TMZ caught up with Mr. King himself and asked for his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case.

$150,000 allows you to be released from jail during your murder trial. Cool. Cashing in on Trayvon’s murder. Wouldn’t it cost less to NOT keep him jailed ? Yeah, but let’s make 150 G’s from it anyway. There should not be bond on murder trials. Granted I’m biased, but it’s not like he said he didn’t shoot the kid. He clearly admitted to shooting and killing him. We know he shot and killed him. “Self-defense” is his excuse. Bullshit. I would be much more comfortable with him saying, “I hate black people, so I shot and killed Trayvon Martin.”

I’m just angry. I’m sad. Sometimes I just wonder, will we ever stop ? Why can’t we all get along? I want everybody to friends. No matter what color of skin. No matter what nationality. No matter what religion you practice. No matter what your political views may be. No matter what your sexual preference is. I spend most of my time alone. When I’m alone, these are the things I think of. I think of a world where everything is perfect. My mind is haunted with images I have seen, stories I have heard, and experiences I have LIVED. I have nightmares almost every night. I’m fine though. I’ll be alright. I love all life. I love all creation. I hope for world peace and blessings every where but for now I would just like to say: fuck george zimmerman and any one like him. I’m not sorry.

They Always Get Away…Fucking Coons

“They Always Get Away…Fucking Coons” said George Zimmerman during the 911 call he made saying he was following Trayvon Martin. How convenient. Now we KNOW it was a hate crime. It boggles my mind and tears my heart into shreds when I hear people “trying” to defend George Zimmerman. Conservative media have tried SO HARD to smear Trayvon’s name to make it look like he was supposed to get murdered. Really ?

Not finding and punishing the murderers of black men in this country isn’t new. Killing black males is the most popular trend in this country. Don’t know what I’m talking about ?




Yeah, I posted 3 rappers, but what about these guys ?



Oh yeah. You must have forgotten about them. Now forget about famous people. Let’s try average black dudes, who didn’t do anything wrong, but got SHOT BY POLICE:

My point exactly. Rappers, ministers, human rights activist leaders or regular ass dudes. No matter how popular you are, no matter how rich you are, if you’re black, you will have a hard time in America. America is the home of the free with liberty and justice for all a.k.a. rich, straight, protestant, conservative republican white males. If you’re a poor white male, you might as well be black.

So now I’m left with the one question I keep asking myself. “What am I supposed to do?” Do I pack up my things and move to Haiti because of my skin color ? How am I supposed to have kids ? How am I going to explain to my children that they will be hated, oppressed and often discriminated against because they have beautiful dark skin. I don’t want that. I would have already failed as a father bringing another black man into this country. What if my partner gives birth to a lesbian ? She’s gay, black AND a woman ? Too much inequality for one human being to handle. Will the world change ? Or will I have to move to a different country. Who knows ? I’m just another fucking coon who might get away.


Tha Capital G – World Will Change

I wrote this song at a very dark time in my life.